Saturday, June 20, 2009

The beginning of Sweets and Meats Market- Rockland, ME

So i've finally made it to Maine! and wanted to share some of Jess and I's new endeavor...

---a dairy lover's for the faint of heart vegan or vegetarian, i suggest sticking to the case in the front filled with grains and legumes.  We've got some serious hunks of meat in this case.  Aunt Carol and Uncle Bill-you would be in drooling, back flip mode over some of this stuff! --- 
Jess and I, as it turns out, have great success in aquiring job opportunities together.  One of many of our talents ;)  I think once we start into it, our employers quickly begin to find out they've obviously gotten themselves in too deep and there's no turning back.  They're stuck with us.  But what a team we make! Our most current endeavor is the new Sweets and Meats Market in the south end of Rockland, ME, a specialty foods market that offers amazing cured and fresh meats, a diverse array of cheeses from cumin gouda to some that i can't even pronounce yet.  Julia, the owner, will also be carrying a sweet selection of beer and wine, as well as Ciao Bella Gelato (my favorite), baked goodies from jessa may, sandwiches and so much more..the coffee we're carrying is through a local company called Matt's Roasters and is roasted by matt himself by wood fire.  This is when i insert the word delectable .  It's been quite a treat to be here for part of the opening process..there will be more to share as the summer progresses...but here are some pics for now that we'd like to share of the store-post and pre-opening day..