Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Est. 1980..

BEER BREWING and GLASS BLOWING..2 birds, 1 stone

Eddie adding some more water to the pot. Suzie heating her piece.
Full to the brim with hand-crafted liquid enjoyment.

Eddie teaching Andreas about life..and beer..
The Brewers...they even measure together..

Autumn is beginning its slow creep into our lives, bringing us cooler mornings and evenings and even though the leaves haven't really started spiraling downwards yet, on my mornings walks it smells like fall..and i'm excited. The fresh transition into each season is the best, and it always seems to inspire new ideas, projects and motivations..the StarWorks Annual meeting is coming up at the end of october and i'm on the 'party planning committee' again this year and will be making some sweet and savory food contributions with the joined force of my new friend Suzie. The boys' beer brewing operation is going strong and has been really successful..they were asked to provide 3 varieties for the annual meeting so they've been going at it-they'll have 2 IPA's and an amber-each in 10 gal. batches. Each week they do a new brew and every one i've tasted has been delicious. And to get the beer to a boil, they figured out a way to use the heat that's put out from the glory hole instead of using propane. So they rigged a pulley system above one of the glory holes (someone needs to be blowing glass to be able to use the glory hole otherwise it wouldn't be hot enough) to hoist up the giant brew pot. Such innovative thinkers..can't wait to see what else they come up with...