Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who says girls can't play with sharp tools??

Meat slicer and a cheese cleaver.  These are the tools i get to use during the course of my day..don't be jealous boys..I must say i was fairly nervous at first handling the meat slicer but after only two finger slicings on the circular blade while it was NOT in motion, i think i got it. And it's pretty bad ass.  So is that hunk of Prosciutto de Parma, which is quite nice to slice. The knife however, if i were a foot taller maybe then i'd have enough leverage to really slice off a piece of cheese with ease, but alas, i am not.  So it can pose more of a challenge when trying to cut  cheese with an incredibly rough rind. Anyway, things are picking up at the store.  We've had a couple write-ups about it too, which has helped to bring people in.  And the BluesFest happens this w/e across the street down at the harbor so we may have a slammin saturday.  We'll see!