Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chocolate and Rosemary-A Fine Pair..

I found this recipe on a blog one afternoon and tried it last night...let me tell you--it is Delicious! The chocolate filling would also make for great fondue-minus the eggs..i infused a cup of heavy whipping cream with rosemary by allowing it to come to a slow boil on the stove then letting it rest in the fridge overnight. The tart shell gets baked for about 12 minutes, during which time i assembled the rest of the tart filling..it's got a rich chocolaty flavor and the rosemary gives off almost a hint of mint instead of its' rosemary flavor..sprinkling alittle pink himalayan or hawaiian salt on top really makes it..when in need of chocolate, this would most definitely satisfy the craving..a little will go a long way as it's super rich..


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