Sunday, April 26, 2009

returning to spring!

Oh wow! It has been a while and it appears as though Anna and I have been neglecting our blog.  There is a perfectly good explanation for this... we actually got to see each other in North Carolina this past week!  Oh yes, and boy, it took an 18 hour car ride from Spruce Head Island, Maine to Hendersonville, North Carolina, then another 1 1/2 hour car ride to Charlotte, NC where Anna (with boy Phil and friendy friend Nick in tow) picked me up in a hotel parking lot.  We then proceeded another hour to Star, NC.  Arriving at their second floor apartment on Main St. in Star at 9p.m.   We woke the next morning to travel 40 min. to Southern Pines (aka Star's Hollow he he) where Anna had to work all day (so I took to wandering the streets of this small town over and over again).  We did squeeze in a small demo on an old Letterpress by a friend of Anna's and a little bar-b-que with bonfire.  The next morn, we were in the car once again for the 3 1/2 hour trek back to Hendo.  Just chillin' with my gal was worth all the car time.  

The rest of the trip to North Carolina was fabulous.  Lots of good food, spirits, and laughs with old friends. . . we always love a good trip to North Caroline!!  (However, the laundry upon return was a bit daunting, but we took full advantage of the wonderful spring weather and used the line at my mothers house...ahhhhhhhh SPRING!!)

a sure sign of spring


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