Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Sooo i'm 30. Big deal. I think i'm finally coming to terms with this. As it turns out, it's not the end of the that's a plus. Actually though, it was one of the best birthdays to date with a few of my bestest peeps and a fantastic birthday meal! Everything was perfect, except, of course, for the ONE missing element that was to be a surprise but was kept from me no thanks to Mother Nature best girl..snowed in up in Maine with no way out for three days..i gotta give her credit for her perseverance, as she was to the point where i thought she might captain a snow plow or steal her brother's snowmobile to get down here. Do not underestimate the power of a woman when she's set her mind to something! However, her boyfriend delicately reminded her that all of new england was socked in and even if they attempted to drive, they'd probably get stuck on the highway and most likely freeze to death, which would most definitely ruin my birthday-not to mention, my life. :) As it would definitely ruin theirs...So i'm glad they decided to go the safe route and plan a trip for the summer, with all fingers and toes and sanity in tact..spring and summer in north carolina is quite lovely and full of refreshing newness, happiness and rainbows. Wisteria-the beautiful flowering vine i like to call the silent tree killer because of it's invasive, strangling nature-is found abundantly around here and just peaked last week...i know it's incredibly detrimental, but man i love it..and the smell....oh it's wonderful! There's an abandoned house across the street from us that's covered in it..which definitely helps the aesthetic of the dilapidated old structure..With spring in full swing and us getting settled into our new digs (yes! a house again-finally!), i've started some small container gardens for the front porch, picked up a couple of plastic adirondack chairs for hanging out on the front porch, hung the hammock and a few boston ferns and scoped out the new neighborhood on my morning walks..i'm ready for lazy, warm sunday afternoon cocktails on the front porch with friends....


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