Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Espresso + waiting for cookies to bake = this...


So Phil has traveled off to Western Carolina for work and left me with no camera, so the other morning while making cookies for he and the boys to take on their 3hour journey, i started playing around with the PhotoBooth on our Mac. Jess and i had some fun with hers when she was visiting back in october and it turned out to be such fun i thought what better way to pass the time in between batches..now mind you, we have an Apt. sized oven in our place so when i bake cookies, i can only bake THREE at a time on the small sheet pan that will fit in it..that’s right folks..and i only have one sheet pan that is the right size for it so it obviously takes some time to accomplish this task..it really is amazing what i’ve accomplished in this kitchen with what i was provided with…it’s all about determination and creativity really…

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