Saturday, February 28, 2009


I love food.  I love food a lot.  There are moments in my everyday life that I realize this more than others.  Take today, for instance.  Every Saturday Dave Mac and I go hiking, sometimes they are a bit more strenuous than others but usually nothing I can't handle (occasionally I pick and choose when he has two or more hikes or activities planned).  Today, however, as I climbed into his Trailblazer (so fitting) I noticed two sets of snowshoes stashed in behind his seat.  After one failed attempt at getting into a parking lot for the Bald Mt. hike (snowed in up to the windows) we went up to Mt. Pleasant.  As I was getting out of the car, my intuition told me to grab that bag of granola I had stashed in my bag as I ran out of the house to go meet him.  Stuffing it into my pocket I strapped on my snowshoes and headed over the snowbank.  

This hike, it turns out was straight up one side and straight down the other.  Then you get to the bottom turn around, and go straight back up and straight back down.  Now, on my second straight back up I found myself looking for my happy place, which, turns out to be a nice cozy little cafe, with good espresso, tasty pastry, and a fireplace.  Not so out of the ordinary. Now, the moment I realized my profound love (and desperate need) for food was when Dave Mac, about midway up was telling about the yummy chocolate espresso beans he had in the car for me when we got back if I could just hang in there (from my silence he knew...hunger + jess = disaster).  However, when he looked back he found me, mittens in pockets, CHOWING on a bag of granola that I had, to him, magically summoned to the top of this mountain.  So when he noticed the bag of granola, I kindly told him that I had a snack with me (mouth full of granola)... and as much as I didn't want to, asked if he wanted any.  To my relief he was all set till we returned to the car.  Me, I couldn't wait another minute.  

I secretively stashed a bag of snacks in my jacket and when I was hungry, I secretively consumed that bag of snacks in hopes of not having to share any of my gold mine with the one I love.  Now, for those that don't know me, normally I am pretty good at sharing (well, my food at least!) but I realized when I was caught red handed that the hunger in my belly overcame any and all thoughts concerning others possible need for nourishment.  I am truly and officially obsessed.

(for those worried about Dave Mac malnourishment on our hike, he did in fact survive and no harm was done to his appetite)

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